Social responsibility

Human resources

One of the cornerstones of Vozrozhdenie Bank business is its long-term relationships with clients, which are built on the principles of mutual trust, respect and understanding. These values are enshrined in the Bank’s human resources (HR) system and are communicated to all employees, regardless of their position or responsibilities.

Our HR policy is focused on achieving our strategic objectives and increasing shareholder value. It aims to provide greater motivation, enable all employees to improve their potential, and develop the corporate culture. One key objective is to encourage changes in business processes that make internal communications more effective and reduce non-productive waste of working hours.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is known for its employees’ loyalty and close-knit team, with many of the staff have been with the Bank for more than 20 years. Our advanced system of remuneration and motivation enables us to attract the best talents.

High professional knowledge of employees play a key role in our successful development, so training and educating the staff is one of our HR priorities. In 2012, we adopted HR strategy, running through to 2015, that aims to make all employees more involved in their training and professional development and ensure that all divisions have qualified personnel. The Bank puts special emphasis on its programme for creating a talent pool from its employees. Its aim is to ensure that freed or newly created management vacancies can be filled effectively as the business grows.

Vozrozhdenie Bank cooperates with secondary and higher education institutions to organize practical work for students and offer them opportunities to apply their knowledge. Talented students receive grants from the Bank, while the best graduates are offered positions. The Bank has close relations with the Finance University under the Russian Government, North-West State University, Rostov-on-Don State University of Economics, and Stavropol State University, among others. We also work closely with Moscow State University, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the Bank of Russia’s School of Banking in Moscow, and the Moscow Academy of Finance and Law.

Environmental management

Environmental friendliness is an integral part of Vozrozhdenie Bank sustainable development. Vozrozhdenie Bank makes every effort to minimize any negative effect of its business on the environment and reduce consumption of resources.

The current business has little environmental impact and does not generate emissions into the atmosphere. At the same time, the Bank recognizes that it influences the environment indirectly through its use of heat and electricity, vehicles, etc., and the management focuses closely on this.

Vozrozhdenie Bank has an automated system that measures utilities consumption, identifies any irrational use of energy and implements measures to avoid it. Every five years, the Bank conducts an energy audit with the help of the external contractor, and the last one was carried out in 2012.

We are switching to power-saving lighting. The Bank uses low-energy (luminescent, metal-halide and light- emitting-diod) bulbs in its premises, incandescent lamps are now used only outside. We plan to replace luminescent bulbs with more advanced lightning facilities.

Each year, ahead of the autumn and winter season, the Bank takes measures to reduce thermal losses in its premises and repairs insulation of heat supply systems. The Bank does everything possible to minimize heat losses in its offices and branches and avoid the irrational use of natural resources.

Implementation of electronic document flow, adherence to advanced banking technologies and use of self- service equipment as well as other cost-saving measures helps to reduce paper consumption. Paper documents are kept in the archive for a certain period, after which they are sent to special enterprises for recycling.

Vozrozhdenie Bank pays particular attention to the environmental characteristics of its cars, striving both to reduce fuel consumption and use the most efficient vehicles. At present, more than 80% of its cars comply with Euro-4 standards.

The Bank follows the necessary procedures for disposing waste and equipment properly. Bulbs, outdated electronic equipment, and batteries are sent to specialized companies for due disposal, while tires and hubcaps are recycled for subsequent use in various industries.

The bank and society

In the modern society all socially responsible organizations feel themselves committed to support charity and culture in a greater scale than ever.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is involved in a number of charity and sponsorship programmes including support of national education, culture, art and sport, as well as providing assistance to disadvantaged social groups.

Education, sport and social support

Vozrozhdenie Bank is an active participant of initiatives aimed at providing a decent upbringing and education for the young generation that represents the future of our country and who will provide a basis for the future cultural and economic prosperity.

The Bank provides financial assistance to the best students of Russia’s leading universities and institutes. Scholarship programmes were established for students at the Rostov State University of Economics, Northeastern State University in Magadan, and Stavropol Financial University.

Vozrozhdenie Bank sponsored various sport events promoting healthy lifestyle. For example, in 2012, the Bank was a partner of the “Chekhov Spring” International Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship and awarded the winners with valuable prizes. It also sponsored athletics relay race dedicated to the 67th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and was the main sponsor and partner of the nationwide “Cross of Nations — 2012” running day, in which more than 1,700 people participated.

Culture and art

One of the cornerstones of Vozrozhdenie Bank social policy is support of the Russian culture and arts. The Bank provides comprehensive assistance for projects of art museums and theaters and finances initiatives to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Russia.

For many years Vozrozhdenie Bank sponsors the Easter Festival of classical music. In 2012, it took place in 38 cities throughout Russia, featuring over 150 concerts by symphony orchestras, choruses, and chamber music societies. The Bank shares the values and traditions associated with the Easter Festival, and, each year, looks forward to touching on the high musical culture that it provides.

The Bank supports music, film and theatre festivals in its regions of presence. In 2012, it sponsored the seventh international “Province Smash Hit” vocal competition where around 400 ensembles and soloists from Moscow, Ryazan, Kaluga and Tambov regions participated. Vozrozhdenie Bank acted as a partner of the “Strings of Soul” event, a festival of bard songwriting where musicians from 17 Russian regions and other CIS states took part.

The Bank supported Sergey Bondarchuk international war films festival “Volokolamsk Front” that featured films about World War II, national conflicts, lesser- known events of the Russian Civil War, and the life of Russian emigres and concentration-camp prisoners; it was a partner of “Vyborg Intelligent Performance” international theatre festival, which was a marathon of theatre and music that lasted for several days, and of the 16th annual “White Pillars” film festival that featured a unique programme of archived films from the state collection of motion pictures.

With the support of Vozrozhdenie Bank, an exhibition of Augustе Rodin’s sculptures was organized in St Petersburg and Moscow and presented to a broad public audience. The exhibition featured 100 of the sculptor’s most famous masterpieces, including: The Thinker, Citizens of Kale, Eternal Spring, The Kiss, The Bronze Age and Shadow. His Goupil album including 142 drawings on 129 separate plates was exhibited as well. The masterpieces of this brilliant sculptor, which reveal the true depth of human emotions, were seen by tens of thousands of visitors in both cities.

Charity and assistance in emergency situations

Vozrozhdenie Bank believes it should care not only about its clients and employees, but also about people who need social support. In the regions of its presence, the Bank supported the orphanages and foster homes, provincial hospitals, as well as children from low-income families.

Among other initiatives, the Bank gives financial assistance to a foundation “Illustrated Books for Blind Children”, which publishes and distributes special, colored braille books with illustrations to children with impaired vision. Every year, these books are distributed to around 10,000 children. Over 16 years, more than 100 different books have been published, including Russian, Slovak and English folk tales, the fables of Ivan krylov, and the poems of Samuil Marshak.