About Corporate Governance

Vozrozhdenie Bank is one of the leading Russian financial institutions in the sphere of corporate governance.

The bank maintains high standards of corporate governance and adhering to the following principles: respect for and protection of shareholders’ rights, control over strategy fulfillment and asset bases of the bank, information transparency, and development of the management’s professional level.

The governing bodies of the bank

The highest governing body of the bank is the General Meeting of Shareholders. The General Meeting of Shareholders elects the Board of Directors which is empowered with the general authority to pursue the bank’s policies and control its activities.

The management of the operations of the bank is executed by a single executive — the Chairman of the Management Board, who is the President of the bank elected by the General Meeting of the Shareholders. For operational management, the Board of Directors elects a corporate executive body — the Management Board of the bank which runs operative management of the bank’s activities and controls its current performance.

Code of corporate governance of Vozrozhdenie Bank (Russian version) 39 KB
Corporate Ethic Code of Vozrozhdenie Bank (Russian version) 544.3 KB