To ensure effective operational management the Board of Directors elects a corporate executive body — the bank’s Management Board.

The Management Board is responsible for fulfillment of the bank’s targets, strategy and policy stated by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.

Currently, the management Board consists of 6 people

Remuneration to the members of the Management Board is paid in accordance with the Regulation on remuneration to executive bodies of the bank approved by the Board of Directors. Remuneration to the Chairman of the Management Board and members of the Management Board includes salary, incentive payments and compensations. Bonuses paid to the members of executive bodies depend on fulfillment of annual plans in terms of approved development strategy of the bank and is determined in accordance with the key indicators reached in the supervised business segments.

Total remuneration (including salary, bonuses and other payments) for 2017 to executive bodies including the Chairman of the Management Board amounted to RUB 144,320,404.

Regulations on the Executive Bodies of Vozrozhdenie Bank 239.7 KB

Members of the Management Board

Information about bank’s shares owned by the Board members can be found in the list of affiliated persons and in the quarterly report on securities.