Control over the bank’s activity on the securities market

Vozrozhdenie Bank is a professional participant of the securities market and carries out its activity on the securities market according to the licenses issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service (the FFMS of Russia). According to the requirements the Bank of Russia, every professional participant should manage the internal control over the compliance of its activity with the current legislation as well as over the compliance with internal regulations. The Controller of the professional participant is responsible for such control.

The Controller carries out the following activity:

  1. Takes control over the bank’s compliance with the Russian legislation, in particular:
    • Accuracy of the bank’s reports submitted to the Bank of Russia and their compliance with the Russian Federation legislation;
    • Compliance with the terms of submitting the bank’s reporting;
    • Compliance with the order and terms of information disclosure determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation for the professional participants of the securities market;
    • Compliance of the bank’s materials containing advertisement with the requirements of the Russian legislation;
    • Observance of instructions of the Bank of Russia and the Russian legislation in case of interrupting the bank’s license(s) on carrying out the professional activity on the securities market.
  2. Controls the bank’s observance of the Russian legislation related to the securities market by means of carrying out selective revisions.

The Controller reports on the results of its activity to the Chairman of the Management Board and submits for consideration the Report on its activity to the Chairman of the Management Board and the bank’s Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.