Compliance with the Law on Banks and Banking activity

In accordance with the Art.8 of the Federal Law “On Banks and Banking Activities” (in the edition of the Federal Law № 334-FZ dated November 4, 2014), the bank is obliged to disclose in the order established by the Bank of Russia to unlimited number of persons via its official website the following data on qualification and working experience of members of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Management Board, Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board, members of the Management Board, the Chief Accountant and the Deputy Chief Accountant:

  • name;
  • title;
  • information on education;

information on working experience for the five years preceding the date of the current appointment or election and responsibilities description. For detailed information on Heads and Chief Accountants of branches, please refer to the website page in Russian. Any changes in the disclosed information should be disclosed in the same order within three days after documentary evidence receipt.