Call for securities redemption

Call for the joint-stock company securities redemption — ordinary registered uncertificated shares

Of Vozrozhdenie Bank

Dear shareholders of Vozrozhdenie Bank!

On 14 March 2019 Vozrozhdenie Bank received a call for Vozrozhdenie Bank securities redemption — ordinary registered uncertificated shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank- sent by VTB Bank, state registration number of the securities issue 10101439В (hereinafter — Shares).

The fraction of the Shares owned by VTB Bank as of the date of the Call for redemption in the total amount of the outstanding Shares, amounted to 96.3%.

The price of the redeemable shares is 481 rubles 68 kopecks per Share.

The shareholders should make sure of the relevance of the data submitted by them earlier to the Vozrozhdenie Bank Registrar (including the passport details and bank details) and if necessary make the relevant amendments to their account details opened in the shareholder register and send an application to the Bank’s Registrar — AO VTB Registrator (the application form can be found below).

In case the funds for redeemable shares cannot be transferred, these funds will be transferred to the deposit account of Dzyadyk Yaroslav Ivanovich, Moscow Notary (address: 9 Bolshaya Sukharevskaya ploshad, Moscow 129090, tel.: +7 (495) 223 04 74).

Call for securities redemption 4.2 MB
Resolution part of the valuation report of one ordinary registered share of Vozrozhdenie Bank in the amount of 100% of Vozrozhdenie Bank stock of shares as of 30 September 752.8 KB
Recommendations of the Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors in relation to the call for a joint-stock company securities redemption sent by VTB Bank with regard to ordinary registered uncertificated shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank 215 KB
Application form for securities holders concerning funds transfer for redeemable ordinary registered uncertified shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank 49.5 KB