Procedure of documents delivery


The documents of the bank as well as the copies of such documents shall be provided to the shareholders, to the persons implementing rights on shares, as well as to their representatives and other authorised persons*.

The request for receiving documents shall be prepared in written form to the attention of the Chairman or his Deputies and shall include:

  • First and second name or the full company name for legal entity;
  • Information on ID-document: type of document, series and number, date of issue, authority issued a document or PSRN (other ID-number if the information is requested by a foreign legal entity) or the shareholder — legal entity, or data identifying other authorised persons;
  • Number of shares owned by a shareholder, its category and type (in case the copies of documents are required by shareholders);
  • List of requested documents specified by type and period of creation;
  • Postal address for communication with the authorized person who sends the request on his/her own behalf;
  • Form of documents provision:
    • In case the copies of the documents are provided, it is necessary to specify:
      • the way to receive the copies (in person in the executive office of the Bank or by mail);
      • The need for their certification (if certified copies are required)
    • In case of reviewing the documents it is necessary to specify the possibility of making copies (if the authorised person intends to make copies).
  • Data and signature of the individual or his/her authorised representative (for legal entity — signature of authorised representatives). Representatives shall have a letter of attorney prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation;
  • Contacts (telephone, fax, e-mail).

The following documents should be enclosed to the request:

  • in case the documents are requested by the shareholder — extract from the list of shareholders or extract from the depo-account to confirm the ownership of the respective number of shares;
  • in case the shares are accounted by the foreign custodian — the document of the foreign custodian confirming ownership of the shares and their number dated not earlier than 7 business days prior to the date of request;
  • in case the request is signed by the authorized person (or his/her representative) which shares are bought out in accordance with articles 76, 84.7, 84.8 of the Law on joint stock companies and the request is associated with the relevant buyout — extract confirming the number of shares on the shareholder’s account as of the date preceding the buyout;
  • in case the request is prepared by the representative of the authorized person — letter of attorney (copy of the letter of attorney certified as required by the law) with information on the representee and representative as well as authorities of the representative prepared in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • in case the request is signed by the authorized representative of the trustee — the copy of the trust agreement certified as required by the law (extract from the trust agreement with regard to the authorities of the trustee) confirming authorities on execution of the rights of the shareholder;
  • in case the request is signed by the bankruptcy manager of the legal entity in insolvency procedure which is the bank’s shareholder — decision of the arbitral court (copy of the court decision certified as required by the law) on approval of the relevant person as bankruptcy manager.

The request may be submitted in the following ways:

  • by postal service or via courier to the bank’s address;
  • delivery by hand to the person authorized to receive the bank’s post.

Date of the request delivery is:

  • the date of receipt of the mail by the bank;
  • date of delivery by the courier;
  • date of delivery by hand.

The bank shall prepare the documents within 7 business days from the date of receiving the request.
If the request does not include the mandatory information, the bank shall notify the authorised person on the list of data missing within 7 business days from the date of receiving the request. In such case the term for documents preparation by the bank starts from the date of receiving the full package.

* Authorised persons are those who have the right to request information:

  1. Shareholders of the bank and their representatives
  2. Persons who implement the rights on shares and their representatives
  3. Persons whose shares were bought out in accordance with Art. 76, 84.7, 84.8 of the Law on joint stock companies.

Such persons are entitled to require information on the company’s activities to confirm validity of the price of the bought out shares.