The list of documents to be delivered to any shareholder of the Bank:

  • Foundation agreement;
  • Charter of the Bank, amendments and addendums duly registered, the decision on Bank’s foundation, state registration certificate;
  • Documents which confirms the Bank’s property on its balance sheet;
  • Bank’s internal documents approved by Bank’s management bodies;
  • Regulation on branches and representatives;
  • Annual reports;
  • Financial statements;
  • Minutes of the General Shareholder’s meeting, Board of Directors meeting, Audit Committee;
  • Ballots for voting as well as letters of attorney (copies) for attendance in the General Meeting of shareholders;
  • Reports of independent assessment company
  • List of affiliated persons
  • List of person entitled to participate in the General meeting of Shareholders, entitled to receive the dividends as well as other lists prepared by the bank for supporting the shareholders to implement their rights in accordance with Russian legislation
  • Reports of Audit Committee of the bank, Bank’s Auditor, federal and municipal bodies of financial control
  • Issue prospectus, quarterly Securities’ Issuer reporting and other documents contained information to be released or disclosed in another way according to Russian legislation;
  • Notifications on conclusion of shareholder’s agreements sent to the Bank and the list of persons concluded such agreements
  • Judicial act on disputes related to Bank’s formation, its management or share interest
  • Other documents in accordance with Federal law “On joint-stock companies", Charter or internal documents, other statutory acts of Russian Federation.

Documents to be delivered to the shareholders owing not less than 25% of voting shares (besides the abovementioned documents):

  • accounting documents
  • minutes of the Management Board meetings

Documents to be delivered to all interested parties:

  • Charter of the Bank, amendments and addendums duly registered;
  • Prospectus, Decisions on issue, reports on issuance;
  • Annual reports;
  • Quarterly reports of securities’ issuer
  • Statements on material facts, information that could have material impact on valuations
  • List of affiliated person
  • Decision on Bank’s reorganization