Information materially influencing the value of securities of the issuer, in its opinion

22 January
Information materially influencing the value of securities of the issuer, in its opinion

1. General Data

1.1. Full corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.2. Abbreviated corporate name of the issuer


1.3. Location of the issuer

7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000, Russia

1.4. State Registration number of the Issuer:


1.5. Identification tax number of the issuer:


1.6. Unique code of the issuer, assigned by the registration body:


1.7. Internet site used by the Issuer for publishing messages:

2. Content of the Message

2.1. Brief description of the event (action), which, in the issuer’s opinion, influences the value of its securities.

Changes in the list of persons affiliated with Bank Vozrozhdenie: withdrawal of Mr Dmitry Orlov from the list of affiliated persons.

2.2. In case if the event (action) is related with a third party, full trade name, location, TIN (if applicable), OGRN (if applicable) or full name of a person:

Not applicable.

2.3. In case if the event (action) is related with a decision of an authorized management body of the issuer or a third party — name of such management body, date of making and content of the decision, date and number of minutes of the meeting of the authorized management body in case if the decision was made by a collegiate management body of the entity:

Not applicable.

2.4. In case if the event (action) is related or may materially influence the value of the issuer’s particular securities:

Category (type), series and other identification characteristics of securities issued:

Ordinary non-documentary shares, state register number 10101439B, date of registration April 12, 1991;

Preference non-documentary registered shares with the fixed rate of dividend, state register number 20201439B, date of registration March 6, 2002.

2.5. Date of the event (action) and in case if the event (action) concerns a third party (the action is performed by a third party) — date when the issuer learnt about the event (action):

December 5, 2014.

3. Signature

3.1. Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of

Bank Vozrozhdenie

Mr Alexander Bolvinov

3.2. December 05, 2014