Meeting of the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie

19 January
Meeting of the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie

1. General Data

1.1. Full corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.2. Abbreviated corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.3. Location of the issuer

7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000, Russia

1.4. State Registration number of the Issuer:


1.5. Identification tax number of the issuer:


1.6. Unique code of the issuer, assigned by the registration body:


1.7. Internet site used by the Issuer for publishing messages:

2. Content of the Message

2.1. Date of making decision on holding the meeting of the Bank’s Board of Directors: April 24, 2014.

2.2. Date of holding meeting of the Bank’s Board of Directors: April 25, 2014.

2.3. Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Determination of a form, date, place and time of holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Bank Vozrozhdenie. Determination of a postal address where completed ballots should be sent and procedure of informing shareholders on holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  2. Determination of completion date of the list of persons having a right to participate in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  3. Approval of the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  4. Consideration of HR and Compensation Committee recommendations concerning the amount of remuneration to be paid to the members of the Bank’s Board of Directors according to the results for the year. Development of recommendations for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  5. Consideration of HR and compensations Committee recommendations concerning candidates to the Board of Directors and the Revision Commission to be elected at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  6. Consideration of results of the Audit Committee’s review of auditor’s opinion prepared by PricewaterhouseCooper’s Audit for 2013 and assessment of opinion of the Bank’s auditor.
  7. Consideration of the Audit Committee’s recommendations on candidates to the position of the Bank’s Auditor.
  8. Consideration of profit distribution according to the results of 2013.
  9. Consideration of the Audit Commission’s opinion on the results of annual review of the Bank Vozrozhdenie financial and economic activity for 2013.
  10. Consideration of recommendations on amount of dividend, order of its payout and recording date.
  11. Consideration of draft Amendments to the Articles of Association of Bank Vozrozhdenie.
  12. Consideration of list of transactions of Bank Vozrozhdenie, deemed transactions with related parties, subject to approval of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and determination of the limit of the sum of transactions with related parties.
  13. Approval of the form and text of voting ballots for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  14. Approval of the list of information (materials) to be submitted to the persons entitled to take part in the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Bank Vozrozhdenie and order of submission of the information (materials).
  15. Consideration of results of assessment of the Board of Directors activity.
  16. Approval of Amendments № 1 to the Provisions on Khimki branch of Bank Vozrozhdenie, related with change of location (postal address) of the Branch.

3. Signature

3.1.Chairman of the Management Board

Bank Vozrozhdenie

Alexander V. Dolgopolov

3.2. April 24, 2014