Payment of dividends on ordinary and preferred shares

28 January
Payment of dividends on ordinary and preferred shares

1. General Data

1.1. Full corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.2. Abbreviated corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.3. Location of the issuer

7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000, Russia

1.4. State Registration number of the Issuer:


1.5. Identification tax number of the issuer:


1.6. Unique code of the issuer, assigned by the registration body:


1.7. Internet site used by the Issuer for publishing messages:

2. Content of the Message

2.1. Kind, category (type), series and other identification requisites of securities:

Ordinary non-documentary registered shares;

Preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividends.

2.2. State registration number of issue (additional issue) of securities and date of state registration:

No. 10101439B dated April 12, 1991;

No. 20201439B dated March 06, 2002.

2.3. Accounting period for payment of dividends on ordinary and preferred shares of the issuer: year of 2013.

2.4. Total amount of accrued (receivable) income on securities of the issuer and amount of accrued (receivable) income per one security issued by the issuer (total amount of share dividends of certain category (type) and rate of dividends per one share of certain category (type) for every accounting period:

Total amount of dividends accrued on:

  • ordinary non-documentary registered shares — 11,874,347 roubles;
  • preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividends — 2,589,010 roubles.

Rate of dividends accrued:

  • per one ordinary non-documentary registered share — 50 kopecks;
  • per one preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividend — 2 roubles.

2.5. Form of income paid on securities of the issuer (money or other property): money funds.

2.6. Deadline date of obligation for payment of income on securities of the issuer (share dividends) or end of fixed term for income payment obligation by the issuer:

The record date for payment of dividends on V.Bank’s shares was July 8, 2014 (end of business day). Payment of dividends to nominal shareholders registered in the bank’s registrar was provided within 10 business days, to other persons registered in the bank’s registrar — within 25 business days from the dividends record date.

2.7. Total amount of dividends paid on securities issued by the issuer: 14,001,847.00 roubles.

2.8. In case of non-fulfillment of the Issuer’s commitment the reason for such non-fulfillment shall be stated, and with regard to monetary obligations or other commitment, which can be expressed in monetary terms — also the amount of such non-fulfilled commitment in monetary terms:

461,510.00 roubles, the reason for non-fulfilment of the commitment is non-presenting of bank requisites for transferring dividends, as well as non-coming of the shareholders to Bank Vozrozhdenie branches, servicing them.

3. Signature

3.1. Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Bank Vozrozhdenie

Mr. Alexander Bolvinov

3.2. September 25, 2014