Meeting of the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank and its agenda

23 December
Meeting of the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank and its agenda

1. General Data

1.1. Full corporate name of the issuer

Vozrozhdenie Bank

1.2. Abbreviated corporate name of the issuer


1.3. Location of the issuer

7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000, Russia

1.4. State Registration number of the Issuer:


1.5. Identification tax number of the issuer:


1.6. Unique code of the issuer, assigned by the registration body:


1.7. Internet site used by the Issuer for publishing messages:

2. Content of the Message

2.1. Date of making decision to hold the meeting of the Board of Directors: April 4, 2016.

2.2. Date of holding the meeting of Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors: April 4, 2016.

2.3. Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Consideration of Vozrozhdenie Bank FY 2015 results under IFRS.
  2. Termination of the Contract with the Registrator of Vozrozhdenie Bank.
  3. Transferring of the Serpukhov branch of Vozrozhdenie Bank to the status of internal division.
  4. Consideration of the Analytical report on reasons of Vozrozhdenie Bank legal risk events for 1-4 quarters of 2015.
  5. Early termination of authorities of the member of Vozrozhdenie Bank’s Management Board.

3. Signature

3.1.Chairman of the Management Board
Vozrozhdenie Bank


Konstantin Basmanov

3.2. April 04, 2016