About information disclosure

Information disclosure

The Bank discloses information regarding its activity in order to provide all interested persons with the data necessary for making a reasonable decision to buy the bank’s shares or any other decision that can influence the bank’s business.

In the process of disclosing information about its activity the Bank follows the basic principles set forth below:

  • Information is provided to all users on a regular basis and in timely manner,
  • All users can have free and easy access to all necessary information,
  • Information on all disclosed issues is reliable, actual and complete,
  • The Bank keeps reasonable balance between its openness and transparency, on the one hand, and confidentiality on the other hand, i.e. equilibrium principle,
  • The Bank equally treats interests of all information users avoiding any preferences in providing information to one group of users over another one, i.e. neutrality principle.

The Bank doesn’t avoid disclosure of negative information about its business activity if such information is essential for shareholders and other interested persons.