Dear shareholders of Vozrozhdenie Bank!

On 06 November 2018 Vozrozhdenie Bank received a mandatory bid on acquisition of issuance securities — ordinary registered uncertified shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank (hereinafter — Mandatory bid) sent by VTB Bank, made in relation to 3 562 304 ordinary registered uncertificated shares, state registration number of the issue — 10101439В (hereinafter — Shares). 
The fraction of Shares owned by VTB Bank as of the date when the Mandatory bid was sent in the total amount of the outstanding Shares amounted to 85,0000004%. 
Proposed price of the Shares — 481 rubles 68 kopecks per Share. 
The cost of the Shares bought out by VTB Bank on the basis of the Mandatory bid meets the requirements of clause 4 of article 84.2 of the Federal Law No.208-FZ dd. 26.12.1995 On Joint-stock Companies: 
— its amount is not lower than the volume-weighted average price for the Shares, determined in accordance with the on-exchange trading of the PAO Moskovskaya Birzha six months prior to the date of sending the Mandatory bid to the Bank of Russia; 
— its amount is not lower than the highest price at which VTB Bank (or its affiliated parties) has acquired or undertaken to acquire the Shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank within the six months preceding the date of sending the Mandatory bid to Vozrozhdenie Bank.

Mandatory bid 771.8 KB
Recommendations of the Board of Directors with regard to the Mandatory bid approved by the Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors (Minutes No. 8 dd. 16 November 2018) ( 771.8 KB

Procedure for accepting the Mandatory bid by shareowners

A shareowner who receives the Mandatory bid and who is registered in the shareholders register of Vozrozhdenie Bank, can accept the Mandatory bid by submitting a written

Application on securities sale 49.5 KB

(Shares owned by them) to the registrar of Vozrozhdenie Bank — ZAO “RDC “PARITET”: 
— by posting it to: ZAO “RDC “PARITET”, 12 bldg 2 2-Kozhevnichesky pereulok, Moscow 115114, Russian Federation;

— hand-delivery at the address: Closed joined-stock company “RDC “PARITET”, 12 bldg 2 2-Kozhevnichesky pereulok, 4th entrance, 3d floor, Moscow 115114, Russian Federation.

A shareowner who receives the Mandatory bid and who is not registered in the shareholders register of Vozrozhdenie Bank shall send the written application on securities sale (Shares owned by them) by way of giving the relevant instructions to a person who carries out the accounting to the rights to Company Shares. 
In this case, such instruction is given in accordance with the securities legislation of the Russian Federation and should contain information about the amount of shares of each type, and which the owner is willing to sell to the person who sent the Mandatory bid. 
The due date for accepting the Mandatory bid is 15 January 2019 (included).

For those who would like to sell shares in the framework of the Mandatory bid, ZAO “RDC ‘Paritet’, the registrar of the Bank, visits a range of branch offices of the Bank (Registrar visit schedule(DOCX, 47,1 KB)).

In the framework of the visits, the shareholders will be provided with assistance with regard to amendments to the information in their forms and filling out their Applications on shares sale”.

Regarding Shares owning and the exercise of rights of the Vozrozhdenie Bank shareholders, please contact the Department of Corporate Management and Development of Vozrozhdenie Bank: 
tel.: +7 (495) 641-32-87 
See also FAQs. (DOCX, 25,47 KB).