To the holders of the 1st level ADRs on Vozrozhdenie Bank ordinary shares

Until April 2013, 1st level ADRs on ordinary shares of the bank were traded on Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart stock exchanges. Afterwards they were excluded from the list of securities traded on the above-mentioned stock exchanges due to their low liquidity. Currently ADRs are traded OTC.

Ordinary shares of the bank (ticker VZRZ) are included into A1 quotation list (the highest level) of CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange. Information on the stock trading is available at

If you decided to sell ADRs issued on the bank’s ordinary shares on the OTC market, you can apply for assistance to your broker.

The broker can either sell ADRs on the secondary market or convert them back into ordinary shares for subsequent sale on the Russian stock exchanges.

Procedure for converting ADRs on Vozrozhdenie Bank ordinary shares is as follows:

  1. ADR holder (or the broker on behalf of the holder) shall open an account with the Russian depositary for keeping ordinary shares.
  2. ADR holder (or the broker on behalf of the holder) shall file an Instruction to his/her depositary on transfer of ADRs from his/her account to the account with of the Bank of New York, NY (DTC2504). Transaction fee is paid in accordance with the pricing of the depositary, where ADRs are held.

    The instruction shall also include information on the name of the depositary and the number of account to which ordinary shares of the bank shall be transferred.
  3. ADR holder (or the broker on behalf of the holder) shall send
    Transmittal Letter 35.5 KB
    on conversion of ADRs into ordinary shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank by fax to:
    • The Bank of New York, NY +1 212.571.3050;
    • Sberbank (which is the Custody bank).
      Contacts:, +7 495 957-5956 (14935).
    Transmittal Letter shall indicate the number of ADRs owned, the name of the depositary and the account number for shares recording.

    For all questions on completing and sending Transmittal Letter please contact the Bank of New York via +1 212-815-2213 in the USA and +44 20 7163 7407 in the UK.
  4. Based on the owner’s Instruction, The Bank of New York, NY authorizes Sberbank to transfer the deposited shares to the owner’s account with the indicated depositary

Conversion of ADRs back into the ordinary shares of the bank can take around 10 days provided that account for shares transfer (referred to in the paragraph 1) has already been opened.

The conversion fee shall not exceed $0.05 per 1 ADR.

Cost of the Russian depositary services is determined according to the price-lists of the relevant depositary.

You can find information on Vozrozhdenie Bank depositary fees (could be an option for opening an account with the Russian depositary).