The annual General Shareholders Meeting (Minutes No. 1 dated 29.06.2018) resolved to pay dividends as follows:

  • on uncertificated registered ordinary shares with a nominal value of RUB 10 each — 5% of par value, which equals RUB 0.50 per 1 share. Total dividends on uncertificated registered ordinary shares amount to RUB 11,874,347.00;
  • on uncertificated registered preferred shares with a fixed dividend and with a nominal value of RUB 10 each — 20% of the nominal value which is RUB 2.00 per share. Total dividends on uncertificated registered preferred shares with a fixed dividend are RUB 2,589,010.00.

Set record date — July 10, 2018.

Pay cash dividends to individuals, whose share rights are recorded in the register of shareholders, by transferring funds to their bank accounts, which details are available at the registrar of Vozrozhdenie Bank, or, in case the information on bank accounts is unavailable, by postal transfer; and to other persons whose share rights are recorded in the register of shareholders by transferring funds to their bank accounts.

Any persons eligible for dividend, whose share rights are recorded with a nominee shareholder, shall receive cash dividends on shares through the nominee. Dividends to nominee shareholders of record shall be paid on or before July 24, 2018, and dividends to other persons of record shall be paid on or before August 14, 2018.

Declared dividend payments on bank’s shares, thousands of Roubles

Year Ordinary non-documentary registered shares Preference non-documentary convertible registered shares* Preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed dividends Total
2002 5,624.38 999.97 2,589.01 9,213.35
2003 8,374.38 999.97 2,589.01 11,963.35
2004 9,374.35 2,589.01 11,963.35
2005 9,374.35 2,589.01 11,963.35
2006 10,374.35 2,589.01 12,963.36
2007 11,874.35 2,589.01 14,463.36
2008 11,874.35 2,589.01 14,463.36
2009 11,874.35 2,589.01 14,463.36

11,874.35 2,589.01 14,463.36


2,589.01 14,463.36
2016 182,864.94 9,967.68 192,832.63
2017 11 874,35 2 589,01 14 463,36
2018 0,00 2 589,01 2 589,01

Payment of dividends to individuals, whose rights on shares are accounted in the register of shareholders, is made by postal bank transfer or, upon their request, by funds transfer to their bank accounts, and to other entities whose rights on shares are accounted in the register of shareholders — by funds transfer to their bank accounts.

The person, that has not received the declared dividends due to absence of necessary data in the register or in the bank’s data, is entitled to file a request on dividend payment (unclaimed dividends) within three years from the day of adopting a decision on such payment.

After expiration of the above set period the declared and unclaimed dividends will be restored to retained profit, obligation on its payment will be terminated (excluding the cases set by the current legislation of the Russian Federation).

Dividends are taxable for Russian residents at a rate of 9% and for non-residents — at a rate of 15% unless agreements on avoiding double-taxation between Russia and non-residents’ country are applied and appropriate documents are presented.

To confirm the amount of dividends received on the bank’s shares and taxes paid, individuals can request 2-NDFL tax certificate (certificate on personal income tax) from the bank by sending the according application to 7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, building 1, Moscow, GSP, 101990 or via fax +7 (495) 620 19 19.

For more information on preparation and procedure of receiving the certificate please call +7 (495) 641 32 87.

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