Shareholders rights registration

Purchase and (or) receipt in trust holding (further — acquiring) as a result of one deal or a number of deals of more than 1% of the bank’s shares by one legal entity or individual or by a group of entities as per the Federal law “On protection of competition” requires notification of the Bank of Russia, while acquisition of more than 10% of the bank’s shares requires the Bank of Russia preliminary approval.

In case a shareholder (a group of shareholders) owns or received in trust holding more than 1% of the bank’s shares they should notify the Bank of Russia about any further share purchase.

The Notification about the purchase of more than 1% of the bank’s shares should be sent to the Moscow Main Division of the Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District, Moscow, according to the form stipulated in the Appendix 2 of the Bank of Russia Regulations № 135-I dated April 02, 2010 “On the procedure of the Bank of Russia’s decision taking on the state registration of credit organizations and issuing the banking licenses”. Such notification should be sent within 30 calendar days after the moment of bank’s shares purchase or receipt it in trust holding.

The procedure of receiving the Bank of Russia’s preliminary approval to acquire over 10% of shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank is determined by the Bank of Russia regulations № 146-I dated October 25, 2013 “On the procedure of receiving the Bank of Russia’s preliminary approval on purchase of credit organization shares”.

In accordance with the article 5.6 of the Articles of Association of Vozrozhdenie Bank, shareholders shall provide Vozrozhdenie Bank with a copy of the above mentioned Notification sent to the Bank of Russia.

According to the Regulation on information disclosure by the securities issuers (approved by the FFMS Order No11-46/PZ-N dated October 4, 2011), the owner of ordinary shares shall disclose information on acquisition of 5% and more per cent of total number of the bank’s ordinary shares outstanding, as well as on any change in ownership resulting into its portion increase or decline to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75 or 95 per cent. The written notification shall be sent to the Bank of Russia and Vozrozhdenie Bank within 5 days from the date of making the corresponding record on the client’s account (depositary account) in the order stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the Regulation “On requirements to content, form, term and procedure of sending notifications by entities set in items 19-22 of Clause 30 of the Federal law ‘On the securities market’ containing information required by the said items” (approved by the FFMS Order No11-44/PZ-N dated October 4, 2011), the owner of ordinary shares shall send the

Notification on the right to dispose a certain number of the issuer’s votes 107 KB

on such change to the Bank of Russia and Vozrozhdenie Bank.

In compliance with the Russian legislation rights of the legal entity or individual purchasing securities are recorded in the shareholder register. According to the article 44 of the Federal Law № 208-FZ “On Joint-Stock Companies” dated December 26, 1996 and the article 8 of the Federal Law № 39-FZ “On securities market” dated April 22, 1996, the register of Vozrozhdenie Bank is to be maintained by the Registrar. According to the Resolution of the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank adopted on March 19, 2010, Minutes № 7, the Registrar services are to be provided by Open Joint-Stock Company Registrar R.O.S.T.